The teaching and other supporting staffs are the backbone and strength of the institution. We have NTT and montessori trained, dedicated and skilled team who apart from being facilitators, have a passion for teaching and love towards children. We conduct various Workshops for them to improve their teaching skills and personality.

Each class has a class teacher and supporting teacher so that the children are given enough care and individual attention.

Teaching Staff:

1.Smt. Kavitha .KPrincipal
2.Smt. SarvamangalaNursery Teacher
3.Smt. Thangamma A. U.Nursery Teacher
4.Smt. Maheshwari P. K.Nursery Teacher
5.Smt. Shobha H. T.Nursery Teacher
6.Smt. Shobha K.RNursery Teacher
7.Smt. Asha .VNursery Teacher
8.Smt. Nicy DennyNursery Teacher
9.Smt. Radha G.NNursery Assistant
10.Smt. Shobha K. H.Co-Teacher
11.Smt. Anitha G.VCo-Teacher
12.Smt. Girija .HCo-Teacher
13.Smt. Prathibha .GCo-Teacher
14.Smt. Sunitha .SCo-Teacher
15.Smt. Shashikala .RCo-Teacher
16.Smt. Kavitha NaikCo-Teacher
17.Smt. Lavanya .PCo-Teacher

Supporting Staff:

1.Sri. Suresh C.RAccountant
2.Sri. MurkannaiahAttendant
3.Smt. RenukammaHelper
4.Smt. RatnammaHelper
5.Smt. ChellammaHelper